Again, we operate on faith, desiring that everyone who wishes to partner with us in support of our purpose and mission will be able to afford to do so. To that end, our fees are as follows.

  • Security Deposit – A $500 security deposit is required to lock in and secure camp, one day event, or wedding dates. This deposit also covers the cost of loss or damage to games and equipment. The security deposit is not considered part of a group’s payment but is retained until after a group departs and the camp is inspected for damaged or missing items. Once the inspection is complete the security deposit is returned accordingly. Any cancellation under 60 days will result in the forfeiture of ½ of a group’s security deposit.
  • Camp Rates – Our camp rates vary based on the size of the group and the lodging style selected.  Please call 706-747-7933 or email summer@mtnfellowshipcamp.org to discuss your specific needs and best determine pricing. We require a 3 night minimum for the months of June and July.
  • Meal Plan – Groups are welcome to bring and prepare their own food, drinks, etc. in our industrial sized kitchen, however, we do offer a meal plan. For an additional $24 per-person, per-day, we will plan, cook, and serve three quality meals a day, plus provide an afternoon snack and an evening snack for your entire group.
  • One Day Event Rate – Our one day event rate, birthdays, family reunions, etc., is $500. Please note that reservations for one day events are primarily limited to early spring and late fall keeping our summers open for camps.
  • Wedding Rates – Please call for wedding rates.

Please see attached documents for rules and expectations and a list of those items that Mountain Fellowship Camp will supply and a list of those items that your group will be responsible for.


    This form must be completed and submitted along with your security deposit and insurance policy prior to receiving confirmation of your stay.

    Ministry or Group Name

    Group Type

    Phone Number

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    Zip Code

    Name of Group Leader(s)

    Phone Number

    Cell Phone Number

    Email Address

    Desired Day & Time of Arrival

    Expected Day & Time of Departure

    Total Number In Your Group (Estimate if unsure)

    I am requesting the Meal Plan

    I am requesting the use of the Guest House

    Insurance Policy

    How did you hear about Mountain Fellowship Camp?

    As the group leader, I have read the “Conditions of Use” and our group agrees to abide by those conditions during our stay at Mountain Fellowship Camp. Furthermore, we hereby release and discharge Mountain Fellowship Camp, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and/or volunteers from any claims of action, costs, obligation, or financial responsibility resulting from or arising out of any incident, injury, or accident occurring while our group is attending Mountain Fellowship Camp.
    I further understand that photographs of our group enjoying the camp may be taken by or shared with the Mountain Fellowship Camp staff and may be used by Mountain Fellowship Camp for promotions, brochures, web design, Facebook and/or any other form of promotion or advertisements. Any photographs taken by or shared with the Mountain Fellowship Staff become the property of Mountain Fellowship Camp.

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